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Speed Jump Rope with Unique 2 Cable Skipping Workout System 1 Heavy and 1 Light

  • INCREASE YOUR FITNESS, GET STRONGER, LOOK GREAT! - Finally a jumprope designed to meet the demands of today's athletes. The WOD Nation Attack Speed Rope is the highest quality on the market and can be adapted to match your fitness goals. Need a fast speed rope for double unders and footwork skills? Done! Use our thin 2.2 mm cable for maximum speed workout drills. Want to build muscle and endurance? No problem! Use the 3.3 mm monster cable and give your upper and lower body a run for its money.
  • TAKE YOUR JUMP ROPE SKILLS TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Our two-rope system is perfect for the beginner just getting started and for the advanced athlete to challenge themselves to build muscle endurance. The heavy "monster" rope not only builds muscle definition and burns fat, the weight is also great for beginners who need to "feel" the rope spin. Switching between the two cables will help keep your muscled guessing which helps build all around fitness for life.
  • MAKE MINOR SIZE ADJUSTMENTS WITHOUT ANY TOOLS - Our unique fold-over cable system allows you to make minor size adjustments without the need of a screwdriver or any tools for that matter. Make the cable a little longer or a little shorter without disrupting your work out. Want to change cables? Not a problem. You can switch cables in under a minute. You will hardly miss a jump!
  • THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL GYM - The Attack jumpropes come with a travel bag so you can easily store the rope and extra cables neatly in your gym bag or suitcase when you travel. No need to worry about finding a gym, just find a smooth surface and grab your rope and you're good to go for a total body workout. Switch between cables for a speed workout or muscle building workout... totally up to you!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Like all products by WOD Nation, if you're not fully satisfied, we aren't either. Just send it back for a full refund!

ATTACK SPEED ROPE - If you're looking for a skipping rope (jumping rope) thats light and durable and great for traveling, this is a perfect choice. Most jump ropes are cheap toys but these jumpropes for adults are built for speed and durability. Crossfit jump rope women can easily get a great jump rope workout with this piece of equipment.

The Complete Full Body Training System - A Fitness Tool Built Specifically for Today's Modern Athlete's

The One Tool for an Efficient Total Body Workout. If you’re like most athletes from beginner to pro, you want to find ways to increase your overall fitness in as little time as possible. Jumping rope is the secret to many top level athletes, boxers and MMA fighters. If you can commit to just a few minutes a day with the Attack Speed Jump Rope you’ll incredible changes in your fitness level and appearance.

This is not a toy! We've re-engineered this rope according to the latest science in the sports industry. If you're serious about your health and your body don't settle for anything less.

Our 2 Cable System Adjusts to Help You Crush Your Fitness Goals

There are lots of jump ropes to choose from but ours is the only one that offers an efficient jumping SYSTEM that will grow with you as you progress. WOD Nations 2 cable system meets you right where you are on your fitness journey and is all you need in one convenient package.

The MONSTER Cable 3.2 mm - Our braided steel PVC coated monster cable is much heavier than most speed ropes. This cable is used in two ways:

  1. Newer athletes need to "feel" the rope spinning to get their timing just right. The monster cable has a solid swing that is the perfect training tool for those just getting started.
  2. Experienced athletes use the heavy monster cable as a training tool for their upper body. Traditional "heavy" ropes put the weight in the handle but research has shown that adding the weight to the cable it 5 times more effictive for building your core, shoulders and back muscles.
The SPEED Cable 2.2 mm - This lighter cable picks up where the Monster cable leaves off.
  1. Many newer athletes aren't ready for the weight of the heavy cable yet and use the speed cable to slowly build up their upper body endurance. 
  2. Experience athletes will use the speed cable when they are looking to really challenge their jumping technique. Whether you're looking to master double unders or speed training for boxing, this cable is the perfect weight to spin super fast,


No Slip Grips, Liquid Steel Bearings and Ultimate Adjustability


The Attack rope has a tennis racquet style grip wrapped in premium grip tape. Forget about losing control of your rope during intense workouts or competitions due to slippery hands. No matter where you are in your workout you can just grab the rope and get after it.


The first place cheaper ropes cut corners is in the quality of bearings they use. We searched high and low for the best quality aircraft grade steel bearings we could find. These bearings will hold up for years to come without any loss of efficiency or speed.


No need to bring tools with you to the gym or worry about losing any screws. These were designed to be adjusted on-the-fly. Want to change the cable weight or make your rope a little shorter during your workout? No problem at all. You can make quick adjustments in under a minute and get right back to your workout.

How to size your WOD Nation Attack jump rope and get jumping in minutes.


  • Stand on the cable with both feet
  • Measure the cable so that the ends of the handles (bottom) reach to the top of your arm pit
  • Cut the cable with a wire cutter
Video instructions are also included with the jump rope.


One Snip and You're Ready to Go

You'll need a good wire cutter to fit the rope to your size. These are readily available at any hardware store. Don't try to cut the cable with a scissors and a cheap pliers. These cables are heavy duty and you'll need a wire cutter like the one in the photo.

Make micro adjustments and change cables without any tools!

After the cables are cut to size any further adjustments can be done by hand without any tools needed. Just feed the cable back out through the handle, make your adjustment and tighten it back up.

Changing cables from the speed to the heavy rope can also be done without tools so feel free to change them often even during the middle of your workout!

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