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Durable Speed Rope with 10' Adjustable black-coated cable for smooth turning


This Speed Rope is a great option for someone who wants a quality jump rope, but does not want to pay a premiumprice. A speed rope is a must have for any crossfitter.



Light Weight handles: CrossFit athletes know it's the arms that wear out first when jumping, not the legs. When the arms fatigue you start to miss. 

smooth and fast: This rope must turn smooth and fast, and have a good, comfortable grip that doesn't slip when you sweat.

Ease of resizing: This rope is unique with its ability to easily change lengths. Each rope comes with ten (10) foot of Adjustable cable.

High quality cable: Each rope comes with ten (10) foot of black-coated cable which is tougher and lasts longer.

This rope is recommend to be uses on rubber or nonabrasive surface

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