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Premium 16”x 24” Yoga Poses for Beginners Poster with 6” Yoga Strap Included

  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE YOGA POSTER- While other posters simply show you moves in no particular order the Avocadu Yoga Poster for Beginners takes you through a proper flow with high quality illustrations. Each move shows the primary muscles you are working with anatomical highlighting so that you can enhance your practice and know what area of the body to focus on. There is no other yoga poster on the market like it!
  • 6" YOGA STRAP INCLUDED- The illustrations in the poster show you when and how to use the included strap. Crafted from high quality 100% cotton, it allows you to improve your flexibility and reach full yoga positions sooner.
  • WORKOUTS CRAFTED BY A CSCS CERTIFIED TRAINER- Skip the time and cost of workout classes while reaping all the benefits of a toned and flexible body with our trainer designed and approved at home workouts.
  • 50 ESSENTIAL YOGA POSES- Learn and perfect the top basic yoga poses with the best workout poster for your home gym. With your new yoga asana chart you will be a yogi expert in no time!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DESIGN- We use high quality printing and front lamination to provide a poster that is meant to last. Ever purchase comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and no hassle return policy.
Lose weight, gain flexibility and tone your body with our Yoga Poses for Beginners Poster! With 50 yoga poses to guide you through a flow with instructions, clear illustrations, muscle highlighting and yoga strap use you will be a full yogi expert in no time! The yoga strap is included with your new yoga asana chart so that you can start your workout the moment you open your box. Our 16"x24" poster is large enough to be able to see each pose clearly while working out but no so large that it takes up all the space on your wall. Created by our CSCS certified trainer you can get high quality training that you can use for a lifetime at the fraction of the cost of one personal training session. Claim yours today!

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