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Thick Knee Pad 15mm Cushion Pressure Point to avoid pain during Fitness Exercise


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  • AVOID OR ALLEVIATE JOINT PAIN - Minimize wear and tear of your joints with this 23x 7" cushion pad that protects your knees, forearms, elbows or hips. Why not aim for a pain free life? This is great for yoga, Pilates, ab rollers or any ground-based exercise routine and for any chore that requires your knees to be constantly on the floor as well as for recovering after knee surgery or injury
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - Exercising on a shock absorbing surface is paramount for joint health especially if you practice on hard flooring. This foam mat is Eco-friendly, Latex-free, Phthalates free and also stronger and more resistant than natural rubber. It offers firm support and and springs back to its original shape after use
  • IMPROVE YOUR PRACTICE - Improve your productivity and performance by using this knee mat, so that you will be able to do more reps / a longer yoga sequence, without pain or discomfort. This completes your standard yoga mat- you can extend it's size, elevate your head in Savasana or even roll it and use it as a neck support
  • USE IT ANY WAY YOU WANT - You can use this not only to cushion pressure points, such as your forearms in plank, but also as a stable support for headstands. Thanks to the ridged surface, you have improved grip and your knees won't slip during exercises. And you don't have to worry about sweat, because it's moisture resistant and can be easily cleaned
  • TAKE IT EVERYWHERE WITH YOU - Wherever you want to practice yoga or exercise, you can. This mini yoga mat is large enough to comfortably fit both knees / forearms or your sit bone, but is small enough to fit even in a purse. Lightweight and flexible, it's great for travel or for yoga by the pool/ in the park

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