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Wooden Gymnastic Rings with Adjustable Numbered Straps

Experience complete body balance, strength and flexibility with these wooden gymnastic rings. Easy-to-use adjustable numbered straps ensure even length with every use and fast secure set-up with carabiners. Train your arms, core and legs with the included handles and foot straps for an unbeatable full body workout. Reach your fitness goals quickly and efficiently!

Boost your home workout routine with these Wooden Gymnastic Rings! With a door attachment, they turn any solid door into your flexible gym. Plus, the 8.53ft adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit no matter your size. Get ready for an intense, safe, and effective workout!

Elevate your gymnastic skills with these Wooden Gymnastic Rings! Our Quick Adjusting and Leveling System makes length adjustment and levelling a breeze - printed digits on the straps make anchoring your ideal workout length quick and easy. Plus, heavy-duty nylon tow straps and carabiner attachments offer hassle-free and safe use, so you can focus on improving your skills! Get the perfect ring workout in less time!

Elevate your at-home workouts with these Wooden Gymnastic Rings. Our adjustable numbered straps let you enjoy the same workout length as 17ft single layer straps without excess webbing getting in your way. Additionally, our door attachment, workout handles, and foot straps help you do more with your bodyweight training. Go the extra mile and reach your fitness goals quickly with these amazing rings!

Get ripped with these rings workout! Made of durable wood, the rings come with adjustable straps, carabiners, handles, foot straps, and a door attachment for endless exercises to help build core strength, mobility, and focus. Reach your fitness goals in no time!

Package Includes:
◎Wooden Rings x 2
◎Numbered Polyester Straps x 2
◎Carabiners x 4 ◎Workout Handles x2
◎Foot Straps x 2
◎Door Attachment x1
◎Setup Guidebook x 1

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