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Wooden 1.25" Gymnastic Rings

Take your workout to new heights with our durable yet gentle straps, which won't scrape your arms while you get fit.
Our enhanced quick-adjust design lets you lock your carabiner in place for secure, even heightno more slipping buckles! We've upped the ante with zinc alloy carabiners and 1.25" birch wood rings that won't break, even with up to 1600 lbs!
The double-layer straps have number markings and double stitching for added security, eliminating excess straps from hanging onto the bar. Plus, our 8ft straps will do the job perfectly, without the need for 15ft of length.
Now you can stay fit no matter where you are, with our Wooden Gymnastic Rings!
Stay safe and secure with our advanced design features and durable construction. Get maximum stability and an intense, full body workout every time - no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional.
Our Wooden Gymnastic Rings are the perfect way to take your fitness to the next level!
Searching for an innovative way to increase your fitness? 
Our resilient gymnastic rings are an ideal add-on to your fitness plan.
Use them indoors and out for fresh, energizing workouts - no one enjoys a tedious exercise regimen!
Take your rings with you on the go and reap the benefits of gymnastics, bodyweight or calisthenics workouts.
Hang your new Olympic rings from a pull up bar or tree branch and you're all set. Plus, kids can join in the fun, too! Give it a try!

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