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WOD Journal: The Ultimate WOD Planner and WOD Tracker

Cut through the nonsense and bs and track what matters most. This straight forward WOD fitness tracker and WOD meal planner will make it easier for you to plan, organize, track and obtain the gains you are looking for. Our all-in-one WOD fitness journal includes the following:

Workout Planner – Start your workout planning session early, because we give you 52 weeks worth of get fit journal entries, where you can come up with a strategic workout plan for every week of the year.

Workout Tracker – Do not just plan your workout – hold yourself accountable. Our workout journal gives you plenty of room and organization to track and document each daily workout throughout the week and throughout the year. Give yourself an honest grade after each week and push yourself to make progress.

Meal Planner – What good is planning and working out without a workout meal plan? Planned meals are easier to follow. Do the research to eat healthy, then write your meal plans down and follow them to a tee.

Meal Tracker Diary – Grade yourself on how your weekly and daily dieting habits go within the provided meal tracker diary. Look back on your meal plans and see what worked and what did not work and where and when you cheat on your diet. Make the necessary adjustments to get quicker results.

Body Measurements – Perform body measurements and track them within each meal tracking journal entry and workout tracking journal entry. You can track weight, body fat, BMI, waist size. chest size, bicep size, quad/thigh size, calves, neck size, etc.


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