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Premium 11pc Resistance Band Set - For Any Resistance Training and Home Workouts

Stackable Up To 80lbs - Great for Any Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts
  • 11pc TRIBE ATHLETIC SERIES RESISTANCE TUBE SET: Includes: 5x Metal-Clip Resistance Bands: Yellow 5 lbs. Green 15 lbs. Red 20 lbs. Blue 30 lbs. and Black 35 lbs. . All Bands Are 48 Inches In Length. PRO ACCESSORIES: 2x Cushioned Soft-Grip Handles 1x Door-Safe Anchor 2x Soft Ankle Straps 1x Tribe Carrying Bag.
  • Tribe ANTI-SNAP PROMISE FOR WORRY FREE TRAINING: Our Team At Tribe Fitness Has 10 Years Of Experience Manufacturing The Best Resistance Bands On The Market. These Gym Bands Are Made Of A Extra Thick High-Grade Silicon That Will Not Dry Out Snap Or De-Form.
  • COMBINABLE STRENGTH: These Bands Are Stackable Up To 80 lbs. Whether You Are A Seasoned Professional Or Just Starting Out The Tribe Resistance Training Set Has A Metal Multi-Clip System For Almost Any Combination Of Intensity From 5 lbs To 80 lbs. Tribe Resistance Bands can be used to work arms, legs, core, and all the muscles in between.
  • PHYSICAL THERAPIST APPROVED: Using Tribe Resistance Bands are proven to be one of the best ways to treat hundreds of physical therapy exercises. to WE MAKE FITNESS SIMPLE: Enjoy Our Complimentary Fitness Guide For Resistance Band Training Made Easy. BURN FAT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Paired With A Workout Plan You Will BURN FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE Like Nothing Else.
  • 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If For Whatever Reason You Don't Absolutely Love Your Tribe Resistance Band Set Just Return It And We Will Refund Every Penny Or Replace It FREE OF CHARGE No Questions Asked.


Resist. Persist. Strengthen. The Tribe 11pc set includes 5 resistance bands that are color coded to distinguish their weight tension—Yellow 5lb band, Green 15 lb band, Red 20 lb band, Blue 30 lb band, and Black 35 lb band—and a Pro Accessories kit that have everything you need for workouts on the go, including 2 cushioned soft-grip handles, 1 door-safe anchor, 2 soft ankle straps, and a Tribe carry bag. These compact bands are powerful for a rewarding workout with up to 80 lbs of resistance. Perfect for use at home or on the road.


For worry free training. The Tribe Fitness team has a combined 10+ years of experience in manufacturing of silicon products: that’s why we made our resistance bands with extra thick high-grade silicon that will not dry out, deform, or snap. We promise.


Combine two or more bands for a custom weight tension resistance up to 80 lbs.[1] Starting with the 35 lb band? Work your way up to the 40 lbs by adding in the yellow 5 lb band. Our metal multi-clip system allows for almost any combination of intensity from 5 lbs to 80 lbs. The versatility of combining weight tension resistance allows you to customize your upper body and lower body workouts to meet your training goals.


Athletes and non-athletes alike love resistance bands because they allow you to move smoothly through a motion at a controlled speed. This controlled movement is not only great for building full-body athletic strength, it is also easy on joints and weak muscles that are recovering from overuse and injury. With multiple weight tension bands and dozens of band combinations, resistance bands are proven to be one of the most effective ways to complete hundreds of physical therapy exercises.


Your purchase of the 11pc set includes the convenient Tribe Carry Bag. Toss your bands, grips, straps, and anchors in the bag for a workout on the road, at the gym, or at home. Unlike large, clunky workout machinery, resistance bands take up only as much space as you do. Enjoy a morning workout in your hotel room or on your patio at home. Forget about long drives to the gym. You’ve got everything you need to work out in one convenient carry bag.


Attach the soft-grip handles to any combination of resistance bands for a custom tension that is just right for your body. Our simple design is easy to use and incredibly strong, so you can worry about your form and not your equipment. Whether you’re combining multiple bands or just using one, our clip in system is reliable, comfortable, and intuitive for everyday use.

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