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Laminated Medicine Ball Exercises (Basics) Poster. Get fit, Strengthen your Core

  • (1) Laminated poster 24" W x 36" H. Waterproof. Suitable for framing or attach directly to wall.
  • 12 different exercises. Easy to follow instructions for each exercise along with descriptive photos.
  • Train your entire body with exercises that improve your balance, strength and overall fitness level
  • For functional strength training in crossfit boxes, group training zones, garage gyms, home gyms.
  • Teaches how to maintain proper torso stabilization for protection of the spine while exercising.

The Medicine Ball Exercise Poster (CMBL) from Productive Fitness is a 24" x 36" laminated wall chart designed as a visual guide for proper use of medicine balls, wall balls, and slam balls for core training and functional strength training. The medicine ball is an excellent tool for functional training (movements that mimic real life movements), as well as sport-specific training for explosive power and strength. This chart also provides an informative and easy-to-follow basic workout routine for those not familiar with fundamental medicine ball training exercises or those not having access to individual personal training, fitness boot camp, or group fitness instruction. This poster shows you how to do crunches, push-ups, reverse lunges, squat & reach, medicine ball roll-outs, crossover & twists, T-exercise, side twists, standing side reaches, shoulder twists, and the ever-popular basketball move, the under leg pass. The medicine ball poster is the ultimate fitness guide designed to develop your core strength and coordination.

The Laminated Exercise Training Poster series from Productive Fitness Publishing illustrates how to perform exercises through clear step-by-step instructions with colorful photos demonstrating proper biomechanical form and start and finish positioning. Each beautiful, easy to follow fitness poster is a great addition to any home gym, office, workout studio, rec center, school gymnasium, or fitness center. Choose a single workout poster or several exercise charts to showcase your favorite workout routines or body focus. Whether you are beginner who has never exercised or used a particular piece of fitness equipment, or a seasoned fitness enthusiast looking for workout variety and a balanced routine, these posters offer a fun, safe and effective guide towards getting fit. Waterproof for resistance against drinking fountain splash, sweat, cleaning supplies. North American Made (Made in Canada).

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