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Olympic Barbell Clips with Quick Release (2 Inch Pair)

Black - 2" (Olympic Barbell)
Green - 2" (Olympic Barbell)
Pink - 2" (Olympic Barbell)
Red - 2" (Olympic Barbell)
Yellow - 2" (Olympic Barbell)
Black Pink - 2" (Olympic Barbell)
Blue - 2" (Olympic Barbell)
Gray- 2" (Olympic Barbell)
  • KEEP THE WEIGHTS LOCKED IN PLACE - The weight collars provide you the utmost weight lifting safety by securing the weights tightly onto the bars. The durable material of barbell clamp is anti-slide, and the rubber pads maximize stability.
  • PERFECT FOR BODYBUILDING AND POWERLIFTING - The weight clamps are available in two different size options: 2” for Olympic weight lifting and 1" for standard bodybuilding and bar lifts. Our barbell collars provide additional safety for workouts and are an absolute necessity.
  • PUT ON AND TAKE OFF EASILY - The expertly designed collar for weight bar allows you to put them on the bars and easily take them off. This ensures time efficiency, so you can quickly switch bars during sets. It has a quick-release locking mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed easily.
  • NO RATTLING OF WEIGHT PLATES - The amazing thing about weight locks barbell is that they prevent the annoying rattling weight plates and help you work out without any interruptions by keeping weights locked in place. The olympic weight clips for bars will snugly fit onto the bar to avoid any accidents that might occur.
  • ZERO RISKS OF ACCIDENTS - The weight bar clamps help you perform workouts in perfect form since they keep weights in place and simultaneously eliminate any chances of mishaps. If you don't want your weight to topple off, use barbell clamps for comfortable, accident-free workouts.

    Experience the ultimate weightlifting safety with the our weight collars - designed with anti-slide, rubber-padded material to securely hold the barbells. Perfect for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting, our clamps come in two easy-to-use sizes for quick transitions between sets. Enjoy uninterrupted workouts with clamps that never let plates rattle and keep weights in place, ensuring zero risks of accidents. Lock in safety and results with our weight collars - the perfect choice for comfortable, secure workouts.

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