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LIONSCOOL 7ft Olympic Barbell - Black E-coating


Discover the unmatched power and strength of LIONSCOOL's 7ft Olympic Barbell in sleek Black E-coating. With a weight capacity of 1000LBS, this barbell is built to last and help you reach your fitness goals. Plus, the absence of a center knurl allows for a comfortable grip during any workout. Elevate your training game with LIONSCOOL.


Unbeatable Quality: We are dedicated to creating a top-of-the-line Olympic weightlifting bar that is also budget-friendly. And we have exceeded our goal! By utilizing cutting-edge steel strengthening and surface treatment methods, we have improved the durability and longevity of our bars. With a 150,000 PSI tensile strength, this 1000LBS bar is constructed to withstand all your intense workouts. Its sleek black e-coat finish adds a touch of sophistication and comfort. Premium Bearings and Bushings: Say goodbye to constantly tightening hex bolt end sleeves with the LIONSCOOL Olympic Bar. Our barbell features snap rings at both ends for maximum stability that will last a lifetime. The 1000LBS black barbell also boasts high-quality needle bearings and oil-impregnated brass bushings in each sleeve, providing a smooth rotation and an unbeatable spin.



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