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Olympic Barbell Collar Pair of 2" Inch Perfect for Pro Crossfit Strong Lifts



Quick change of the working weight. Forget the horrible spring collars and the useless waste of time. You will need just a few seconds to change the working weight. Your training sessions will become more intense, and you will be able to achieve better results.

Safety. The special design of the collar ensures secure plate fixation on the bar.

Reliability. Durable cast body and high-pressure grip pads make these collars virtually indestructible!

Diameter: 2”. Works perfectly for CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, heavy lifting and any training with an Olympic bar.

Material: High-strength nylon.

Warranty: If you are not satisfied with quality of the product, simply send us a letter and we will either replace it or give you a refund!


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  • EASE OF USE ENABLES WORKING WEIGHT TO BE CHANGED QUICKLY. You no longer need to waste lots of time annoying yourself with unwieldy spring collars when changing the working weight. Training sessions will become much more pleasant.
  • SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT WHEN WORKING WITH WEIGHTS! Iron Lab collars were developed to withstand serious strains. The cam clamp locks securely onto the bar. You will feel much more confident and have more pleasant training sessions.
  • BARBELL CLAMPS MATERIAL: HIGH-STRENGTH NYLON. Iron lab collars are manufactured from high-strength nylon using casting and high-pressure processing. The simple clamp locks securely into place. The durable cast body and high-pressure grip pads make the collar virtually indestructible!
  • WARRANTY: making sure that you get a product of the highest quality is very important to us. Iron Lab provides a full warranty for all of its products. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your 2 inch Olympic barbell clamp, simply send us a letter and we will either replace it or give you a refund as soon as possible.
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