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Pack of 2 Eco Yoga Workout Knee Pad Cushion Comfort Non Slip surface Grips Mat

Sky Blue
  • CUSHION PRESSURE POINTS -ALLEVIATES YOGA KNEE PAIN, Elbow Pain, Wrist Pain. Help alleviate discomfort during exercise or gardening and give your sore knees perfect cushioning and prevent wrist pain by supporting your wrists in a more neutral position.
  • 15mm (5/8") Thick - Comfort Foam technology provides amazing comfort in sensitive areas, such as knees, elbows, ankles and sit bones, during your yoga practice or any exercise. It 'hugs' your boney parts, alleviating pain, making yoga or exercise a pleasurable experience.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE- The round yoga pad is lightweight and small, so it is convenient for carrying. You can use this comfortable yoga pad independently or together with other exercise gear.
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE GRIPS MAT - Great for outdoor yoga on surface and for hotel floors while traveling, and it also works great with any yoga mat. It will not absorb moisture and you will experience exceptional resilience. You will feel optimum grip on the pad's non slip surface. The yoga pad offers a Heat-Resistant and easy to clean durable surface.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL : Made of 100% enviromental TPE foa, free of toxic materials.

GoYonder Yoga knee pad for a pain free Fitness Exercise Workout. Cushions pressure points .

Diameter: 6.7" /170 mm; Thinkness: 0.6" /15 mm
Yoga pad support and pain relief for hands, knees, head, elbows, feet and hips.
Especially good for sore joints, chronic pain, or injury recovery.
GoYonder Yoga Knee Pad is just thick enough to provide the right amount of cushion and padding and has the perfect balance of softness so that you can avoid injury by losing balance.

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