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CAP Barbell Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar, Chrome

The renowned brand CAP Barbell presents their Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar in a sleek Basic Chrome color, perfect for any fitness enthusiast looking for durability and performance.

The CAP Barbell Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar, Chrome - New Version (OBIS-85) is constructed with solid cold rolled steel and a chrome finish, making it both durable and visually appealing. It can accommodate Olympic weight plates with a 2-inch center hole and comes with a 30-day warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Measuring 2185mm in length with a 51.75" shaft length and 15.3" loadable sleeve length, this barbell is designed for optimal performance. Additionally, its 30mm handgrip diameter and 63,800 PSI tensile strength steel make it a reliable and sturdy choice for any workout. The medium-depth and center knurling provide a secure grip, while the rotating sleeves with bushings reduce pressure on your forearms. Whether you want a full body workout or to target specific muscle groups, this barbell is versatile and perfect for powerlifting and Olympic lifting. With over 30 years of experience in the

The CAP Barbell Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar boasts medium-depth diamond knurling and swiveling sleeves with bushings. With a secure grip and reduced pressure on the forearms, this 30mm handgrip diameter bar made of cold rolled steel (with a tensile strength of 63,800 PSI) is perfect for Olympic benches and racks/cages. Measuring 51.75-inches in length, with 10.75 inches of knurling on each side, and a 15.3-inch loadable sleeve length, this bar can handle all of your Olympic weights. Whether you're just starting out or an intermediate athlete, the CAP Barbell Basic Olympic Bar is the right choice for Olympic lifting and powerlifting. Make sure to read CAP Barbell's warranty policy before purchasing. Dimensions are 86.6 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches.

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