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Best Selling Door Flexibility and Stretching Leg Strap - Great Gymnastics, Yoga

  • 100% RESULTS GUARANTEED. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Absolutely NO RISK - The STUNT STAND brand is known for QUALITY and RESULTS.
  • FREE HOW-TO-USE VIDEOS. Gain access to our how to use videos on the STUNT STAND website and achieve the flexibility you have always wanted!
  • INCREASE FLEXIBILITY with EASE. Easy-to-use door strap stretcher will improve your leg flexibility, balance and range of motion to achieve results, FAST.
  • STRETCH with COMFORT. Our instruction guide on the package will show you how to effortlessly put the strap on your foot for maximum comfort!
  • OUR BUSINESS IS FLEXIBILITY. We teach flexibility to athletes 24/7 365 days a year. If we don't know how to teach someone to be flexible, then no one can!

Product Description


  1. Easy-To-Hold Ergonomic Sized Design
  2. Non-Slip Loop Secures On Foot
  3. Stretch using proper technique
  4. Portable Design allows you to stretch ANYWHERE
  5. Easy & Fun so you will actually use it
  6. FREE Travel Strap included to stretch without your door
  7. FREE Pro Hair Tie - Never pull your hair out again


Your Package Includes:

cheer stunt stand door strap for flexibility and stretching at home hook on top of door

Why it Works:


  1. Simple and Effective - Easy Set-Up & Use
  2. Portable, Travel-Friendly Design - Take it with you to the gym, friend's houses, hotels before competitions
  3. 100% Fabric Door Anchor - Will never damage door
  4. Practice Proper Stretching Technique - Keep bottom leg straight while stretching your Heel Stretches, Arabesques, Scorpions & Needles
  5. Improve Flexibility for ANY Sport - Perfect for Gymnastics, Dance, Karate, Cheerleading or ANY Sport!


cheerleading stretching rope webbing for door strap at home to improve flexibility

How It Works


  • Step 1: Place strap through the ring and then place the secure door anchor over the door and close the door
  • Step 2: Place shoe into adjustable end loop & secure tight
  • Step 3: Stand with back leaned against the door and your bottom leg straight
  • Step 4: Slowly pull your foot up and hold each stretch for 15-45 seconds and then slowly release back down
  • Step 5: Use on both left and right legs equally
  • Step 6: Stretch desired body part with ease


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