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Cracking the CrossFit Open: How to Outperform Your Peers in Every Workout

Cracking the CrossFit Open is a complete guide for those who want to improve in the sport of CrossFit.

Whether you're a beginner or have been training for years, this book will help you improve faster in the key CrossFit workouts and movements. It provides all the tools you need to outperform your peers, both in the Workout of the Day (WOD) and in the next CrossFit Open.

If you are serious about CrossFit, read this book and take your training to the next level.

Included in the book: 

  • Analysis of every Open workout from the last five years, including the 2017 CrossFit Open
  • Tactics to outperform athletes of a similar level in CrossFit workouts
  • Mental strategies to ensure sustained motivation and optimal workout performance
  • Valuable insights from sports science and elite coaches for CrossFit training
  • Effective warm-up, cool-down, and mobilization techniques
  • Frameworks and improvement tips for the three key training areas: strength, skills, and conditioning
  • Unbiased advice for programming an effective training routine
  • Overview of the principles of optimal nutrition
  • Practical methods to transition to a healthier lifestyle
  • Review of the key dietary supplements and training equipment
Full table of contents: 


Chapter 1: Strategy
Chapter 2: Tactics
Chapter 3: Psychology

Chapter 4: Principles
Chapter 5: Consistency
Chapter 6: Workouts
Chapter 7: Programming 

Chapter 8: Nutrition
Chapter 9: Lifestyle
Chapter 10: Supplements

Glossary of Terms

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