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The Orb Extreme Deep Tissue Massage Ball 4.5" Black. Provides Aggressive Massage

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  • Firmer with more prominent bumps than standard orb
  • Multi-directional roll provides focused massage
  • Deep tissue massage reduces muscle fatigue and tightness, promotes flexibility, and enhances performance
  • 4.5" diameter high Density ball provides aggressive deep tissue massage to: it band, hamstring, quadriceps, calf, plus more
  • Non Toxic, latex free closed cell EVA/Polyolefin foam

The orb extreme is the most aggressive form of self-massage provided by Pro-Tec Athletics.
With a 4.5" diameter, the orb extreme is firmer, with more prominent bumps than the standard 5" orb.
The multi-directional roll provides a focused deep tissue massage to reduce muscle fatigue and tightness, promote flexibility, and enhance performance. The orb extreme is non-toxic and composed of a latex free closed cell EVA/polyolefin foam.
The orb extreme is an excellent tool that utilizes body weight to massage the it band, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, back, etc.
The orb extreme Mini provides a single point massage, with a diameter of 3". this smaller massage ball is firm, with prominent bumps to better achieve a single point myofascial release.

Orb Extreme
Diameter 4.5 inches
Material Non Toxic, Latex Free Closed Cell EVA/Polyolefin Foam
Density Firm (firmer than standard 5" Orb)
Colors Black
Benefits Provides an aggressive deep tissue massage. Target areas of pain/tightness to achieve a Myofascial release. Provides a firmer deep tissue massage than standard 5" Orb because of smaller diameter and firm material.
Type of Massage Multi-directional
Body Part All soft tissue (calf, quad, hamstring, back, achilles, IT Band, etc)
Instruction Guide Included


Roll the Orb in circles or along length of hamstring.

*Orb Extreme Mini: Apply pressure directly on or next to area of discomfort. Hold for 10 seconds and roll gently side to side.


IT Band



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