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GRIP POWER PADS - Alternative To Gym Workout Gloves. Comfortable Weight Grip Pad

  • Best Lifting Grips by GRIP POWER PADS - The Alternative To Gym Workout Gloves | Maximize Your Workout Potential With Grip Pad. Our Pads Divided Into 2 Series Professional Patented Lifting Grips (PRO, NEO, FIT) & Classic Grip Pads (SOFT, FIRM, FOAM) Please Choose Below From The Color Variation Best Grips That Fit Your Needs. Non Slip Grip - No More Calluses & Grip Fatigue - Secure Your Grip! For Man and Women & Weight Lifting Exercise Cross Training Workout
  • Best Lifting Grips These new Grip Power Pads® are a combination of Lifting Grips / Gloves and Pads. There is nothing else on the market similar to this product - so be prepared to do more reps during your workout with these lifting grip pads. The secret with these new grips is the texture material that grasp the bar and does not let your hand slide off. In addition, your hand does not sweat like they do when you use traditional leather gym gloves.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT POTENTIAL, You've tried the REST now own the BEST
  • They are very comfortable lifting pads, the best Non-slip grip you can get during your workout. They are ideal for heavy lifting. The most popular Grip Pads among our customers.
  • Secure your weights with specially designed textile material, Full Coverage palm protection, Firm and comfortable gripNo restrictions on palm movement, No finger loops, No sweaty hands

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