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2 Pack Knee Pain Relief and Stabilizer Knee Strap Brace Support for sport pain


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  • Ergonomic-shape Silicone Pad can provide stronger support and relive knee pains. Adsorbs shocks by providing the pressure on the nerves. The silicone compression pad is resilient and can contour your kneecap tightly. Reduce the pain associated with patellar tendonitis, jumper's knee, runner's knee, chondromalacia.
  • Straps have mesh for breathability. The fabric is lightweight and skin-friendly. Allows skin to breath for not getting knees extra sweaty. Edge of the braces is bound with soft material so won’t rub against your legs. Soft material let you move easily and don’t dig in your legs throughout the day. Eliminating workout pain while allowing the joint complete freedom.
  • Anti-slip lining gives you snug fit for stability and the building of muscle. Does not move while working, walking, or running. Holds the patellar around the knee snugly to provide firmer support. Keep it from flaring up and encourages healing.
  • One-side Buckle Design. The single buckle is designed to not scratch your skin like those knee straps with two buckles. The Velcro closure in the back of knee is extra thin so won't rub against legs while bending. It takes seconds to get on and come off with a pull on the strap.
  • Fully Adjustable & Elastic straps for perfect protection and comfortable pressure. The material is elastic so can fit your legs snugly for better support. Velcro closure easily adjusts to the proper pressure needed to support the injured area. Fit any specific needs from a child to an adult for resting the tendon.

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