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Yoga Knee Pad Cushion 20mm Thick Anti-Slip Workout Mat for Yoga Pilates Fitness


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  • Inhale in to an upward dog pose and keep your knees and elbows pain free and comfortable with a 20mm thick foam pad | Helps to prevent and dull chronic pain from a variety of strenuous activities
  • Multi-purpose workout accessory is perfect for yoga, Pilates, general workout, floor cleaning, praying and more | Easy to carry and store, can be rolled or folded up to fit in backpacks and purses
  • Great in the garden, foam pad can take the pain out of weed pulling, flower planting, and other tasks that require you to be close to the ground
  • Lightweight and portable, an easy carry along accessory fits into most workout bags and car cargo compartments | A great way to stay comfortable while sitting in stadium seating
  • Dimensions: 24 inches long x 10 inches wide, 20mm foam thickness | To clean wipe down with cool, damp, cloth and let air dry

When you're doing yoga, the last thing you want to feel is pain. Now, with HDE's yoga knee pad, you'll no longer have to worry about having your workout interrupted. This 20mm thick foam pad helps to prevent and dull chronic pain from a variety of strenuous activities. Easy to carry and store, this knee pad can be rolled or folded up to fit into backpacks and purses. In addition to yoga, this pad is great for praying, gardening, cleaning floors, general workouts, and can even be used as a seat cushion. Avoid pain and bring serenity to your life today with HDE's yoga knee pad!

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