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Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Exerciser Strength Trainer for Athletes

  • Suitable for all abilities :the resistance can easily be adjusted between 10-40kg (22-88 Lbs) increase the resistance as your strength develops.
  • Injury Rehabilitation: Daily hand workouts with this hand exerciser help recover in hand injury, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendovaginitis, fractured, broken wrist and tendon surgery.
  • Compact and lightweight:This Strength Trainer Kit is small enough to fit into your gym bag or handbag. You can get repetitions in while reading, walking, at the office, at the movies - just at anywhere and anytime.
  • Perfect design:Durable construction and ergonomically design. Built with strong chrome springs and Non-slip handle covered with soft comfortable and durable rubber. Fit all hand sizes and easy to grip.
  • 100% Quality Warranty:We offer lifetime quality warranty and refund policy to insure you could buy it without any concerns.

Hand Grip Strengthener
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Hand grippers are suitable for all abilities as the resistance can be easily adjusted between 22-88Lbs (10-40kg).
You can increase the resistance as your strength develops.

- Hand grip strengthener is ideal for improving strength, power and speed in fingers, wrists, and forearms.
- The total hand strengthening workout for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, home and gym.
- Ergonomic design fits all hand sizes - for men, women, seniors, kids. Grooves in the grip provide maximum comfort and prevent the gripper from slipping.
- Portable and popular equipment makes a nice gift!
- Excellent hand strength excises for people who have Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, and those who are recovering from a tendon surgery.
- Ideal for athletes, musicians, rock climbers, golfers and tennis players.
- Squeeze and soothe anxiety away while increasing blood flow to your hand, finger and arm.
- Perfect hand workout that can be done in your home or office and will build your hand and grip strength with just 5 minutes per day.

100% Lifetime Guaranteed
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