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Women’s Pink Weight Lifting Belt - Gym, Fitness, Bodybuilding Great for Deadlift


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  • SUPERIOR DESIGN - 5" Weight Lifting Belt with a 2" Strap. Lightweight design exclusively for women.
  • FITNESS - This belt helps master exercises with added safety: Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, Thrusters..
  • FUNCTION - The 2" support strap adjusts with velcro, providing precision support and comfort.
  • SIZING - Please take careful notice of the sizing chart for this belt (in the photos section).
  • GUARANTEE - If you are not 100% in LOVE with your FITGIRL belt, send it back for a full refund!

Product Description

Our FITGIRL Team consists of gym junkies, crazy crossfitters, and avid sports & fitness enthusiasts. And we wouldn't want it any other way!

Our gear has been tested countless times by our community to ensure the best design and the highest manufacturing quality for all of our products. 

We literally use our products every single day!

We strongly believe in providing women with workout necessities that are comfortable, fun and will take your workout to the next level!

FITGIRL Workout Accessories Are Made By Women Exclusively for Active Women ❤️

FITGIRL Weight Lifting Belt provides more functions than meets the eye. FITGIRL belt is constructed with an ultra-light foam core. You might even forget that you are wearing it because of how light weight it is.

It is covered with tricot lining providing good material breathability, while keeping your muscles around the belt consistently warm (continuously assisting with injury prevention).

The belt is reinforced with a 2″ support strap that is adjusted by velcro, allowing you to tighten the belt with precision to the exact location where it provides the most support and comfort.

FITGIRL Weight Lifting Belt can be used in many different sports and activities:
- Daily Gym Sessions
- Crossfit WOD Workouts
- Fitness and Bodybuilding Training

Designed exclusively for women, making this the most comfortable and stylish belt you will ever workout in!

With this beautiful black and pink weight lifting belt you can finally match your gear and workout in style!


Don’t settle for one-size fits men and women equally, because it’s just not true.

Instead, give our products a try - you will love them! Plus, they are pink. Who doesn’t love a little bit of pink?!


This belt is the ideal tool to help you master exercises with added safety and confidence, such as: Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, HipThrusters & more!


Improve your leg workouts and see the difference you can make in your strength and in the physical appearance of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. No wonder FITGIRL products are recommended by top fitness gurus!

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