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Doorway Pull Up Bar, Chin-Up Bar with Smart Larger Hooks, No Installation Needed

  • ✅ No Installation & Foldable Design: Our pull up bar doorway only needs to be hooked on the door frame to start using, without any screws or assembly tools. It can turn your room into a gym in a few seconds. And the foldable design makes it easy to store and saves you space.
  • ✅ Multifunctional Exercise Equipment: Our pull up bar doorway is also an effective fitness equipment on the floor. You can effectively exercise your core muscles and shape your body through pull-ups, dips, push-ups and sit-ups. It provides a convenient and versatile exercise that you can exercise at home without going to the gym.
  • ✅ Large Hook & Doorframe Protection: Large hooks increase safety and stability and ensure your safety. With protective pads, the pull-up bar absorbs weight and effectively protects the door frame from scratches and damage. And it is suitable for door frames with a width of 27.56''-36.22''€ and a depth of 4.73''-8.27''.
  • ✅ Stable Structure Ensures Safe Exercise: Made of sturdy and thickened iron pipes, this pull up bar with 440 lbs load-bearing is extremely durable. You are able to hang it on your door frame without any shaking or rattling when you do the pull-ups, so you can do the exercise safely.
  • ✅ Comfortable and anti-slip Foam Grip: The ergonomic foam grip protects your wrists and palm skin, ensuring a firm grip that your hands are not slippery easily. And it will effectively absorb sweat during your intensive workouts. You are supposed to do pull up exercises at home easily.