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Deep Tissue Massage Ball Set for Trigger Point Therapy with Free bag and E-Book

THE ULTIMATE ATHLETE SET - 4 types of unique trigger point balls, 5'' high density ball, 2.5'' classic lacrosse ball, 3.5'' firm spiky ball & soft spiky ball. Every ball was designed and molded with the correct measurements and durable materials. All in one set, premium quality, a true athlete champions kit.

BEST PRE WORKOUT TOOL - Easy to use, 10-15 minutes before & after trainings, boost your blood stream, increases joints mobility, muscles performance enhances, releases sore & tight muscle knots, stimulates acupressure therapy.

SPEED UP RECOVERY & PREVENTS INJURIES - The perfect solution for chronic back pains, plantar fasciitis, self-myofascial release, trigger point therapy & deep tissue massage throughout the body, one of the most recommended therapy tools for: football, cross-fit, yoga, martial arts, tennis, gym workout, basketball, a must for any fitness addicts.

VALUABLE GIFT & SPECIAL BONUSES - A luxury gym carry bag, easy to travel with you anywhere. Special gift box - for everyone: Beginners & Professionals, for indoor & outdoor sports, + FREE e-book with all the information you need!

GET YOURS NOW! - Don't hesitate, 100% money back guarantee, customer service available 24 hours a day, "If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done." Get yours now and join the INVINCIBLE FITNESS family.

Be a PRO!

INVINCIBLE FITNESS is formed by active athletes and fitness addicts. Trust us, we know exactly what you need for your trainings.

Our unique therapy massage balls are the best in Amazon and combine the best and ultimate set FOR YOU!

High value & lots of benefits:

  • Speed up recovery.
  • Prevent injuries.
  • Loosen tight muscles.
  • Enhances muscles mobility & maximize their performance.
  • Best before & after workout tool.
  • Alleviates plantar fasciitis.
  • Targeting exact trigger points.
  • Self - myofascial release.

Extras & Bonuses:

  • Free high quality, well designed carry bag.
  • Great gift box: Best gift for any active athlete.
  • Free e-book with all the information you need
  • 2 spiky massage balls with different density for your convenience: FIRM & SOFT.

Your premium set includes:

  • 5’’ eva material, high density ball.
  • 2.5’’ classic lacrosse ball, 100% durable rubber, non – toxic.
  • 3.5’’ firm massage ball + 3.5’’ soft massage ball.
  • High quality carry bag for you to travel anywhere.

Our INVINCIBLE FITNESS deep tissue balls are all made from durable materials as well as non – toxic, they are all designed & molded perfectly. They will last for years to come.

Invincible Fitness guarantee:

100% satisfaction, if you are not happy please contact us any day, any time, we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you are having issues with your product.