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Trapeze Door Frame Bar Hang Your Yoga Trapeze Quickly Easily in Most Door Frames

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  • ANYONE CAN INSTALL: Setup Video on the left! -- no handyman skills required, just screw into place, 10-minutes max setup time.
  • CONVENIENT: bar is removable (door mounts stay in place for next use) so you can remove it if needed.
  • HANG A YOGA TRAPEZE: fast and easy setup, you can be inverted on your trapeze in minutes.
  • REQUIREMENTS: wood door frame that's at least 4.5 inches/12 cm wide, bar spans from 26 inches/66 cm to 36 inches/91 cm, electric screwdriver helpful, but manual works too!
  • VERSATILE: bar doubles as a chin-up bar when you're not on your Yoga Trapeze (upper body strength, yeah)!

This is a door frame mount bar only - yoga trapeze not included (but available separately on amazon) . Hang your yoga trapeze in minutes with the trapeze door mount bar . The yoga trapeze door frame bar is designed to make it fast and easy to create a solid hanging mount for your yoga trapeze. As an added bonus, it can also be used for chin-ups and pulls-ups. This bar is designed to fit most standard door frames (26-36 inches) and the bar itself can be taken in and out of its mounts between uses for your convenience.

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