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Yoga Blocks 9"x6"x4" High Density EVA Foam Brick Great for Yoga, Pilates Workout

Black, 1 Piece
Black, 2 Piece
Blue, 1 Pc
Blue, 2 Pc
Grey, 2 Pc
Lavender, 1 Pc
Purple, 1 Pc
Purple, 2 Pc
Turquoise, 1 Pc
Turquoise, 2 Pc
Grey, 1 Piece
Lavender, 2 Pc

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  • Measuring 9 x 6x 4 inches, made of high-density and sturdy EVA foam for long-lasting durability.
  • Featuring beveled edges for soft, firm and easy griping! Lightweight and Non-slip even sweat.
  • Make difficult yoga poses accessible to beginners and those with injuries or physical limitations.
  • Moisture-proof to avoid growing bacteria! Cleans easily with a little soap or detergent to wash away the odors.
  • Easy to travel, perfect for at home use and in the studio.

Yoga blocks are not just for beginner. Blocks can be used at any lever to achieve better flexibility,
balance, comfort and stability. Yogree blocks make difficult yoga poses accessible to beginners and
those with injuries or physical limitations.

What Are Yoga Blocks Used For

1. For Flexibility - The Gymnastic blocks can help keep your balance, it will then allow you to become
more flexible as well. This is helpful for people who are having a hard time performing some poses
that require a flexible body such as the half moon pose.
2. To Provide Support - It can support your head and neck during lying positions or support your
weight during sitting and standing positions. It can also help support various poses by allowing
you to hold that poses longer and better.
3. For Balance - It can help maintain balance. This is particularly helpful during standing, squatting,
and sitting positions. This will help you find your center of gravity easier so you can maintain
your balanced position longer.
4. For Longer and Comfortable Position - It can help you balance, become more flexible, and provide
support for your weight it can therefore allow you to hold your poses for a longer time and stay
comfortable in that position as well.

Why Choose Our Yoga Blocks?

- Non-slip, waterproof, non-toxic and eco friendly
- Improve overall flexibility at any practice level
- Block supports your body to make difficult poses more accessible
- Build your confidence with Yogree yoga block
- Available in 8 colors, size: 9"x6"x4"
- Lightweight yet sturdy foam block

Rose Red, Purple, Lavender, Gray, Black, Turquoise, Blue, Brown

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Product Description

Yogree Yoga Blocks - help you achieve better flexibility, balance, comfort and stability!

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