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Physical Therapy Stretch Strap with 10-Loop 73-inch Rehab Strap, Stretching Yoga

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  • ADAPTABLE: Allows for independent stretching for all levels of flexibility and healing to stretch out muscles
  • MULTI-USE: A must-have tool for physical therapy, athletes, dancers, yoga, as well as those just wanting to relieve tight muscles, feel better and muscle tone
  • PT RECOMMENDED: 10 multi-grip loops encourage progressive stretching as you continue to become more strong and flexible. Recommended by Physical Therapists.
  • DURABLE: Quality made woven strap with reinforced stitching, with comfortable grip.
  • DETAILS: 73'' long, 10 loops, Simple Exercise Guide Bonus

The Morning Sky Multi Loop Grip Flexibility Stretch Strap and Simple Guide is physical therapist recommended for rehab and physical therapy exercises, as well as a must-have for all athletes, dancers and yoga practitioners who want to stretch out. The 10-loop design allows for independent and gradual stretching that makes it perfect for all levels of flexibility and healing. Particularly helpful for assisting with prescribed rehab exercises, as well as general flexibility to relieve muscle tightness, this lightweight yet durable and comfortable tool is ideal for daily use. Effectively facilitates deep stretching of all major muscle groups including the back, legs, quadriceps, hamstrings, arms, and more. At 73" long and 1" wide it is long enough to adapt to unlimited exercises and the width is the perfect size for a comfortable grip. Comes in vibrant green.

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