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Durable Yoga Strap for Stretching and Rehabilitation. Stretch Band with 12 Loops

Physical Therapy Equipment for Best Flexibility

Carry Bag & Workout Instruction Included

  • ----> BEST STRETCHING STRAP ON THE MARKET OR YOUR MONEY BACK: non-elastic and high quality nylon, super strong stitching, 2 extra loops (12 all together), optimal size 96" x 1.5". Besides using for yoga, stretching, ballet ... is recommended by physiotherapists as effective aid for rehabilitation.
  • ----> HELPS YOU STRETCH FURTHER AND HOLD THE POSE LONGER: 12 independent loops, comfortable fit in your hands and around your feet (no matter your height) and proven quality assure full stability and resistance. The only flexibility equipment you'll ever need!
  • ----> SEE WORKOUT INSTRUCTIONS FOR INNOVATIVE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE EXERCISES: This yoga strap is perfect for pilates, yoga, ballet, workout warming up and cooling down ... or just for more flexibility. Allows you to withstand intensive exercise and decreases injuries.
  • ----> NEVER MISS YOUR DAILY STRETCHING ROUTINE: The muscle stretch band comes with a nice carry bag (takes very little space) so you can take it everywhere. See instructions for good tips on stretching and tightening your muscles, even on very small spaces. Great stretch equipment for traveling!
  • ----> NOT TOTALLY SATISFIED? SEND IT BACK FOR FULL REFUND! 100% money back guaranty and free extended warranty. If this is not one of your best sporting investments - or simply the best stretching strap ever - just send it back. We are US, family based company with in-house Customer Service that solves every problem (See reviews!)

You Can Now Achieve Deeper, Safer Stretching, Prevent Sore Muscles And Unnecessary Athletic Injuries With Our Stretch out Strap! Are You Ready to Finally Improve Your Flexibility and Become Fitter and Stronger? If you want to get stretched properly and safely with deeper stretching routine to target all your muscles, this is a perfect stretchout straps! It is designed to help you gain greater flexibility whether you are a beginner or a professional and to give you the perfect stretch you need. Improve your balance and posture, prevent fatigue muscles and prepare your body for more intense training now! Get Your Stretching to the Next Level With Our Quality Craftsmanship yoga equipment! Our durable and strong nylon stretching strap is made of high quality material that will last long without fraying or breaking. It is 96" long and 1.5" wide, perfect for people of different sizes. It has 12 non elastic loops to help you target and stretch different muscle groups. It comes with free workout instructions to get you some good tips and stretching exercises on tightening and relaxing your muscles. Enjoying Yoga & Pilates Classes And Achieving New Flexibility Goals Have Never Been Easier! This is a perfect yoga stretch strap that helps you hold your stretches safely during different yoga or pilates poses. Great balletband for ballet stretches, dance warm-ups or as a hamstring stretcher. Strech band free carry bag you can take it anywhere. Get The Best Out of Your Physical Therapy Sessions with our stretching aid or 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you're not happy with the stretching bands for any reason, return it for a full refund. Get Ready to Be More Flexible, Deepen Your Stretches, Gain More Control of Your Body, Recover Quicker And Feel Amazing! Click ADD TO CART NOW to Find Out What You've Been Missing!

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