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WODZILLA: The Ultimate WOD Compilation 700+ Cross Training Workouts -Best Seller

Looking for the Ultimate WOD Book? You’ve Found it! 
If you’re looking for the ultimate compilation of WODs, suitable for anyone including those just getting into cross training all the way up to athletes at an elite level then this is the book for you! 
Featuring over 700 workouts you’ll never be short of a WOD, whether you want to focus on bodyweight training, do some intense Russian kettlebell training or perform some heavy Olympic lifts WODZILLA has you covered! 
Here is A Preview of what WODZILLA Contains: 
10 Warm up WODs to get your muscles ready to work 78 Benchmark WODs to measure your progress! 
30 Running WODs 20 Rowing WODs 70 Heavy Lifting WODs, featuring Olympic and strongman style lifts 20 WODs that take 5 minutes, perfect for when you’re short on time! 
20 WODs that take 10 minutes 20 WODs that take 20 minutes 200 Russian Kettlebell based WODs 200 Bodyweight WODs, no fancy gym equipment required! 
50 Partner WODs – grab a buddy or two and smash these workouts!

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