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Jump Rope WOD Bible: Jump Rope Workouts & WODs To Increase Your Speed & Agility

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Build Speed, Agility, Discipline & Coordination With These Killer Jump Rope Workouts! By The Author Of The Original 'Cross Training WOD Bible' An International #1 Best Seller! Let me ask you a few quick questions… Are you tired of spending endless hours walking on the treadmill? Are you sick of following the same workout regime week after week? Are you training hard, yet struggling to see results? Do you struggle to find time to get in a proper workout? Do you want to build explosive athletic power and strength, along with unbreakable confidence and a mindset to match? If you answered 'Yes!'to any of these questions then the Jump Rope WOD Bible is a MUST READ Here Is A Preview Of What The Jump Rope WOD Bible Contains...

•An Introduction To The Jump Rope

•The Benefits Of These Quick & Efficient Jump Rope Workouts That You Need To Know

•The Only Equipment You Need To Have A Killer Workout Anytime, Anywhere •A Brief Lesson On Jump Rope Technique - Become A Master!

•70 Jump Rope Workouts Designed To Get You Results!

•Much, Much More!

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