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Cross Training: 1,000 WOD's To Make You Fitter, Faster, Stronger - Best Seller

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Cross Training - 1,000 WOD's To Make You Fitter, Faster, Stronger

This is your one-stop guide to Cross Training. This book will not only introduce you to this amazingly effective and often transformative sport, but it offers you 1,000 sample workouts to choose from. I will also show you how to design your on WOD's. So, once you’ve worked your way through all 1,000 WOD's, you can continue to develop your own. The pain never ends!

I break down the 1,000 WOD's into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced workout categories. Within each of these categories you will find several more subcategories, encompassing all of the sports that influence Cross Training, and allowing for anyone to find plenty of WODs of interest.

This book isn’t just about the WODs. I focus on what Cross Training is, workout frequency, implementing a weekly or monthly training plan, and the often overlooked warm ups (Preparations) and cool downs

Here's A Preview Of What's Inside

  • What is Cross Training?
  • Benefits to Cross Training
  • How to use this book
  • Workout Programming
  • Terminology
  • Preparations
  • Bodyweight WODs / Little to No Equipment
  • Basic Barbell WODs
  • Running WODs
  • Single Element WODs
  • Double Element WODs
  • Intermediate Mixed WODs
  • Gymnastics WODs
  • Rowing WODs
  • Swimming WODs
  • Kettlebell WODs
  • Dumbbell WODs
  • Benchmark WODs
  • EMOM (Every minute on the minute) WODs
  • Triple Element WODs
  • Tabata WODs
  • Olympic Lifting WODs
  • Strongman WODs
  • Powerlifting WODs
  • Heros WODs
  • Chipper WODs
  • Create Your Own WODs
  • Cool Down
  • And So Much More

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