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Set of Two Crossfit 15' Swooper #8 Feather Flags KIT with Poles and Spikes

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  • Swooper, Swoop or Flutter flags as they are known, come in full sleeve ( windless), regular sleeve (half sleeve), regular width 2.5 feet or king size 3 feet and in deferent heights. Full sleeve or windless flags are fully curved to the top and remain open constantly displaying the message requiring no wind. Regular or half sleeve flags are not fully curved but may attract more attention as they create more movement and will easily catch the eye. Made of a heavy duty poly-kint material and printed with a 100% bleed through on the reverse side, this means the reverse side has a mirrored image. The two types of flags require different pole ends as they are shaped differently to the top. Flags are sold separately or in a Kits.Kits come complete with flag, 4 pc aluminum pole and mount, mounts vary depending on the chosen area of installation and may vary in price, the most common is the ground spike which is used for grassy earthen areas, but there are mount to suite any installation requirement.

    • 2 1/2 or 3 feet wide x 12 feet tall
    • Super heavy-duty polyester knit material
    • Heavy duty and color fast with mirror image 100% bleed on reverse side
    • Many Designs available for all industries
    • Pole and mount Included

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