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Yoga Knee Pad, Great for Knees and Elbows While Doing Yoga and Floor Exercises


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  • To alleviate pain and stress on knees, elbows, wrists, forearm, and more. It's perfectly suitable for Yoga, Pilates or other ground-based exercise routines. Designed by yogis for yogis to provide comfort while maintaining balance and stability. Can be used as a yoga mat extender to add length to your mat or use as a head rest during Savasana
  • Made from eco-friendly TPE material, non-toxic, PVC and latex-free, Certified Phthalates free and bio-degradable. Unlike other brands' NBR open-cell structure. ,Heathyoga advanced closed cell foam will not absorb sweat or liquids, and it can be easily clean with a damp cloth after your practice.
  • Ideal for travel and vacation: It's light weight and small size - only 26'' x 10'' x 12mm. Comes with a FREE Carry Strap making this pad the perfect traveling companion!
  • Excellent grip for all floors and mats. Usable on any surface. Great for outdoor yoga on rough surfaces and for hotel floors while traveling. Works great with any yoga mat. Includes carrying strap can be rolled up with your full-size mat.
  • It is also great for gardening, baby bath time, household chores, exercise and yoga, camping, sport events, home installation and repair and auto repair.

Adding comfort to your existing yoga mat for a pain-free yoga or exercise experience.

100% Eco-Friendly TPE foam, Non-slip textured surface grips your mat/floor

26"(65mm)Wide X 10"(25mm)Long X 12mm Thick

Alleviates Yoga knee pain, elbow pain and wrist pain.

Cushions pressure points, usable on any surface.

Light-weight and portable, rolls up with your full-size mat.

Made from Eco-Friendly TPE foam, Latex-free, Phthalates free and bio-degradable

The kneeler pad is multi functional: it is great as a garden kneeling pad, but it can also be used as a bath kneeler, protecting your knees when bathing your newborn baby. It is great for household chores, exercise, yoga and pilates, camping, sport events, home installation and repair, auto repair, praying, and perfect for tradesmen including floorers, plumbers, painters, carpenters, mechanics, and especially for the gardener.


Method 1:
Please wipe the mat with cloth dipped in suds or laundry powder solutions.
Then rinse with water and air dry.

Warranty: All genuine Heathyoga products come with a 1-year warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to make your purchase worry free.


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