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J/fit Plyo Boxes - Plyometric Platform and Jumping Agility Box


J/fit Plyo Boxes - Plyometric Platform and Jumping Agility Box for Training & Crossfit & Conditioning

Product Details

  • Manufacturer : JFIT
  • STABLE RUBBER STOPPERS:Excel your routines but keep your posture safe with our plyometric boxes. The rubber stoppers on the bottom are screwed for optimum safety and will keep boxes from sliding
  • CHOOSE SIZE PLYO BOX:4 sizes plyo boxes that satisfy all needs.12" box-13x13" top, 14x14" base / 18" box-14x14" top, 18x18" base / 24" box-15x15" top, 21x21" base / 30" box-16x16" top, 23x23" base
  • NON SLIP TAPERED PLYOMETRIC PLATFORM:All of our j/fit jump platforms are tapered and ensure greater stability and ease in jumping. The stackable design saves space and time from storing
  • IMPROVE HEALTH & TONE BODY:Our portable plyo boxes are suitable for men and women who love total body workouts. Ideal for step ups, lateral step overs, jump squats, burpee box jumps and more

From the manufacturer Our Story j/fit is founded on this fact: If Your Body Feels Good, So Will Your Mind That’s why we offer: Portable, storable exercise equipment that’s high quality, stylish, and affordably priced. Instructional videos so you can have a great workout that won’t take a ton of time. The j/fit community: a fitness journal that gives you the latest news on fitness gear, exercise techniques and health and wellness tips. Read more

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