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High Quality Plyometric Adjustable Jump Box - Red/Black


High Quality Plyometric Adjustable Jump Box - Red/Black

Product Details

  • Manufacturer : JFIT
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Arrives fully assembled. 3 Popular height adjustments: 12", 16", & 20"
    or 18", 24", & 30"
  • Full leg adjustments vs platform adjustments for more stability. Each leg has a solid lock pin for stability and safety and a screw lock to stabilize and quiet the legs while jumping.
  • Fully encased rubber feet for skid free jumping. Slip free landing pad with fully wrapped and tucked corners that will not curl up. Lightweight, portable and space saving. Made with the same materials and manufacturing facility as our popular box sets.
  • Very sturdy with special not-slip surface. Leg adjustments are a snap! 
  • No assembly required



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