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Gymnastic Professional inflatable Tumbling Mat. Great for Home Indoor or Gym use


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    Dimensions: This Tumbling Mat is 10 feet (3 Meters) by 3 feet (1 Meter)
  • Ever worry about your kids practicing at home and injuring themselves? Worry no more! The Gymtastic Air Track is PERFECT tool to keep your gymnast safe while practice at home on a competition like floor. Great for gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, free running, stunting, martial arts, and water yoga.
  • Every gymnast DREAMS of getting to Rank 7 and beyond. The Gymtastic Mat is the best tool to help your gymnast achieve his or her dreams!
  • Tired of gymnastic equipment that takes up your ENTIRE garage storage? Don't worry! The Gymtastic mat deflates and folds up into a convenient duffel storage bag. This makes it easy to store in a cupboard, closet, or under most beds
  • Set up is simple and only takes 1-2 minutes with the free electric pump! When you are finished using your inflatable gymnastics track, simply deflate the mat, roll it up, and store in the duffel bag.
  • We guarantee you and your gymnast will LOVE this product. We are so confident, that if you aren't happy with the tumbling track, we will send you a new mat or give you a FULL REFUND
In everything we do, we believe in inspiring excellence. We believe in pushing our limits. We do this by creating beautiful products that are easy to use, mimic competition settings, make it safe to practice anytime, anywhere. At Gymtastic, we believe strongly that "not exercising is like taking a depressant" (Martin Seligman, PhD Positive Psychology). Being active is an important part of daily health and we want to give you tools to safely participate in activities such as gymnastics. Why Choose Gymtastic? We are a small family run business that has many gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, and other sports enthusiasts. Watching my sisters grow up and participate in these sports, I came to recognize the amazing strength and talent it took to participate in these sports at a competitive level. I remember a few years when my sisters would hurt themselves when training (wrist and ankle injuries mostly), and wanted to provide a set of home training tools that would help strengthen and support gymnasts and dancers, while giving them an appropriate cushion to avoid injury or straining the joints. We have spent extensive time finding the perfect products, and ensure each gym mat goes through several days of testing to make sure you are getting the best quality product for your aspiring gymnast! Please support us in helping encourage children everywhere to practice hard to achieve their dreams! We know you care about your gymnasts, and because you care, you want the best and safest practice environment for them. When you purchase our gym mats, you are making a fantastic decision. You're gymnast (whether its your kid, you're nephew or niece, or children you coach) will love it!

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